Unnecessary But Cute: 25 Things I’m Buying to Look Cute While Working From Home

At this point in my life, there really isn’t an article of clothing I “need” anymore. Just ask my roommate. But that doesn’t mean I don’t go off the rails every now and again and engage in a massive shopping frenzy. Usually, the items I end up buying are unnecessary but cute, and today, I’m going to share the 25 that made the cut. Do I need any of the items ahead? No, I don’t. But can I live without them? Honestly, I’m not sure. 

Since most of us are currently spending time at home, I decided that for this round of “unnecessary but cute,” I’m going to focus on items I am buying to feel more put together while working from home. I am lucky enough to have the privilege of continuing my work from the comfort of my own home, but even if that is not the case for you, it’s my hope that mindlessly scrolling through a few cozy staples will help you to feel a little better amidst this odd time our world is in. 

I definitely plan on wearing this set outside as well.

Fun socks always make me feel more alive. 

Meet the sweatpants I just ordered in three colors. 

Prepare to see a lot of matching sets in this roundup. 

Inside and outside slippers. 

The only “styling” I will be doing while WFH is putting this anklet over my tube socks. 

They’re perfect, I know. 

The seams on these have officially convinced me that yes, I do need more black leggings. 

These are the linen pajamas I am wearing at home now but plan on wearing over a swimsuit later. 

Anyone else copying this exact look tomorrow? 

Meet my future at-home yoga to my desk look. 

Wear this with sweats to feel a tad more polished. 

Honestly, buying expensive boxers have never seemed like a better idea. 

The “ugly” sandals that will last me a lifetime. 

This set has been my saving grace since being home. 

The pants feel like pajamas. 

If I am going to wear jeans while being home, they’re going to be loose ones. 

Slipping this over a bralette with sweatpants will be the most fire outfit I wear while in quarantine. 

If there was ever a time to invest in good-quality undergarments, it’s now. 

Wear this set and you’ll be the most stylish human in your household. 

Slip on a string of pearls to liven up your highly casual ensemble. 

When you’re tired of wearing leggings but still want to wear leggings. 

Matching sets don’t have to include pants.

More socks for more things to wear under my new anklet. 

Last but not least, sweatpants that are more stylish than any pair of real pants I own.  Next up, have some fun shopping the seven best emerging fashion brands to know about this year. 

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