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Once you have already placed an order, you may have trouble contacting customer assistance with your requests, including communicating with the author. Not surprisingly, Ultius accuses even more of hasty orders. If you need to complete a one-page student letter in 3 hours, be prepared to pay $ 68 for your order. Moreover, Ultius has some additional services that will make you pay even more for your order. For example, you can choose a graduate writer for + 15% of the order price, or choose a writer you have worked with before from a preferred list for + 20%. The writing team is not bad, but it will also depend on your luck. Sometimes it turns out to be a competent and responsible professional, sometimes the opposite.

Otherwise, the support is quite friendly and efficient, and the writing quality is also good. The price of our newspaper was very high compared to the prices of other services, mainly because the company does not believe in discounts or loyalty programs. For students looking for a consistent service provider, this may not be the best choice because other companies are offering big discounts as a reward for ordering their services. Moreover, we did not have the opportunity to try the company at a discounted price. Some reviews show that while customer support is excellent before and during the ordering process, things go downhill from now on…

But things get even more interesting when you see the simple cost of writing an essay. Even if it is written by a doctor of philosophy, the price for it is still incomprehensible. Enough it is quite doubtful that it is ordered at all there. Otherwise it would be scary to know the price for it. The writing quality is generally okay, but really not at all up to this price range.



The lack of this seems rather strange to Ultijah’s writings, if they want to be taken seriously. All of Ultius’ other reviews also mention this interesting “feature.” Ultius does not have a very serious image right after seeing her strangely short page.

It has a fair and transparent policy and employs only U.S. citizens. The only common complaint we see in Ultius essay reviews is delivery delays, so try to place your order as soon as possible. However, the deadline is not the only aspect that affects the final price of your item. As mentioned earlier, at Ultius you can choose from 3 different writer levels. The company donates free essays to the Best Writers. Hiring a graduate or required writer will cost you 20% or 15% respectively..

Moreover, I also came across the Ultius promotional code for 10% discount on every letter. In general, prices still seem overpriced, even if there are plenty of opportunities to save if you wait for exclusive deals. Ultius is one of the biggest names in the academic writing market. The Delaware company has been around since 2010 and, judging by its website, has offered some of the best features and industry standards for the first time. Despite its modern site and promise, Ultius Inc. not a writing company for me..

Their overpriced services are average at best and the same goes for their additional feature selection, review and refund policies. Overall, this is not the best academic help website you can find. P CONCLUSION We have discussed the disadvantages of working with Ultius. The most important are the prices slightly above average and the inability to track the progress of your order after you place it…

With Ultius, fraud is becoming a serious problem as their prices are well above average. A one-page high school essay costs $ 17.50 over a 20-day period. University students will have to pay US $ 20.50 for both master’s and doctoral degrees. Level documents cost $ 26 and $ 32. If you order a three-page essay and send it to your school teacher five days later, you will have to pay $ 57. However, Ultius can generously offer a 20% discount on your first order…

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