Ukrainian Company Enjoy The Wood Bounces Back Stronger with Innovative LED World Map Launch on Kickstarter

Enjoy The Wood is a Ukrainian family brand from war-damaged Irpin known for its signature wooden maps. Successfully overcoming adversity, the company launches an upgraded Wooden World LED Map that brings another level of interactivity to home decor.

After 95% of the manufacturing facility and 92% of the company headquarters were destroyed due to Russian aggression last year, Enjoy The Wood has completely rebuilt its production capabilities. The launch of the upgraded LED World Map represents a significant milestone for the brand as they continue working on new products despite all the challenges.

Supporters backed the last Kickstarter campaign by Enjoy The Wood, which included more than 3 thousand people with almost $1 million pledged. In 2023, Enjoy The Wood team is proud to announce another incredible project that deserves everyone’s attention. It combines art and technology and gives a dynamic visual experience to the customers.

The company introduced 4 massive updates combined in one Map:

  • A new color palette: 6 vibrant colors of the “Art” collection, 3 futuristic color layouts of the “Cosmic” collection, and 5 classy natural wood stains
  • An upgraded luminous effect – now the Map will glow up in two colors: blue or green
  • A magnetic surface to highlight special destinations and favorite places
  • Additionally, the latest update and the main centerpiece of the campaign is an innovative LED backlight with two brand-new options. They include rhythmic illumination and a unique color recognition feature.

Users can connect their mobile devices to the map via Bluetooth. The map will come to life with a synchronized light show that dances to the rhythm of your favorite song. Using the mobile app, users can also point their phone’s camera at any colored object. Then, the map will automatically change its color to match that object. It’s a fun and interactive way to customize the map to suit any mood or style. This makes it a personalized piece of art.

The Upgraded 3D Luminous Colored Wooden World Map is now on Kickstarter. Now, it has raised over $89,000 with more than 250 backers. Pledges of $109 will get the opportunity to be the first to have the upgraded Map and test its innovative features. Production will begin in July. Then, the delivery of rewards for backers begins in September 2023.

What else should you know about Enjoy The Wood Maps?

  • Eco-friendly materials to handcraft the Maps (certified sustainable birch plywood and fiberwood)
  • The Map is fun & easy to install: takes just a couple of hours and doesn’t ruin your wall (no drilling and holes)
  • It’s the perfect travel planner & memory board
  • Comes ready to gift
  • In the box you’ll find: Map pieces including ocean names, wooden planes, boats & compass, double-sided sticky tape, instruction, corner stencils, and a lifetime warranty
  • Available in 4 sizes for a perfect fit
  • Has a variety of additions: wooden photo frames, landmark stickers, flags, national parks, and sightseeing push pins

Enjoy The Wood founders believe the new product will represent the resilience of their brand to bring inspiration into people’s lives no matter what.

“Every time we create a product for a Kickstarter campaign, we put our knowledge and love into every detail. Innovation and quality are and will always be our main principles. Become our baker in 2023 and you’ll see it for yourself ”, comments Enjoy The Wood CEO and co-founder Igor Fostenko.

Interested? Visit their Kickstarter page to learn more.

About the brand

The company was established in 2014 by Igor Fostenko and his wife. The founder has come a long way to become a successful business owner and is used to dealing with hardships. His story is a true testament to what determination, willpower and faith can do.

Igor’s father left when Fostenko was 3, and his mother died when he was 11. He was taken to an orphanage but ran away, and became homeless living on the streets of Kyiv for several years. When he was 15, he met a Christian, who became his friend. He invited the teenager to live with him and introduced him to the church community.

At first, when Enjoy The Wood was started, the Fostenko family produced wooden beard combs, glasses, watches, and kitchen utensils. The idea to make a Wooden World Map was born later when Igor was not satisfied with the blank wall in his office. The company started producing maps in 2016, not expecting to turn the decorative piece into a business bringing $12 million in sales annually. Now Enjoy the Wood sells the maps to over 90 countries on the world’s biggest marketplaces – Etsy, Amazon, and eBay.

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