These 3 On-Trend Leggings Outfits Are Very Ready for Spring

This time of year, I always find myself uncharacteristically open to the suggestion of relocating to L.A., which is surprising, considering that I love to layer and I genuinely can’t imagine owning a car ever again. And yet, as I sit here on my laptop on a gray day in New York City (with these rudely blue-skied photos staring back at me), I’ll admit to being susceptible to the idea of living literally anywhere one can venture outside in a midriff-baring athleisure look in February.

If you happen to be one of the delightful Dani Song‘s 750,000 plus Instagram followers, you already know that she resides in Los Angeles, where the current temperatures (it’s a scandalous 72 degrees this week) mean she’s getting a head start on the spring outfits the rest of us can only dream of.

Today, she’s sharing her favorite (and surprisingly affordable) pieces from JoyLab with us. Song also chatted about her love of on-trend outfits that leave the world wondering if your plan is working out or hanging out. Thankfully, you can shop them all below.

Calling her workout style “effortless but out of the box,” Song will testify that she loves leggings, citing them as her stylish hack to sneaking in exercise on the regular. “I wear them at home and out running errands,” she shares from her backyard in Los Angeles. “They make me more inclined to be active and to get in a workout if time permits.”

Just when I think Song and I are truly kindred spirits, she tells me this is what she wears to ride her “BMX down Fairfax to meet a friend for lunch.” My comparative lack of coolness—I consider the L train a daring mode of transport—feels very apparent, which perhaps explains why I’m personally inclined to pair this sports bra with trusty black leggings. (Hell, maybe I’ll even wear it under awhite tank so the tie-dye shows through in a low-key way.) Song reassures me this still makes for a commendable effort, promising that either separate can serve up a look all by itself.

For the collective sake of all of us residing on the East Coast or in the Midwest, Song had the decency to team this shamelessly spring-ready set with a faux-shearling jacket. Sure, it’s an unbuttoned, crop jacket, but she’s teamed it with a high-waist legging. “They hold everything in,” says Song. Now, this is what I call thoughtful styling.

 “I love how bright and vibrant the colors are, and I love neons and neutrals together when I’m running around town. I can easily throw a neutral-tone jacket over this set, and it transforms workout clothes to an actual look.” Also, if you’re finding it difficult to put your finger on the name of this yellow-lime color, the word you’re looking for is chartreuse (named after the French liquor of a similar hue). You’re welcome.

No huge spoiler that purple is Song’s favorite color of the season––the runways agreed, in fact, Pantone even named Grape Compote one of the must-know hues for S/S 20. This set (which is clearly primed for mixing-and-matching) is yet another way she’s embracing the purple trend. “I just like wearing leggings and a sports bra that are comfortable and fashionable,” Song shares, echoing all of our inner monologues. “I like working out outside, so I want to feel confident. It is so important to feel good in what you are wearing.” In particular, she’s loving the flattering extra seam that runs diagonally around the thigh of these leggings. “It gives the look an extra design element.” 

As someone who skates in addition to riding BMX, Song takes her ability to move freely in workout gear more seriously than most. Apparently, the design of this particular set of leggings coupled with a rib-grazing sports bra is what she’s most excited about. “I feel like I can ride my skateboard for hours with how comfortable this is.” Just when I think she’s lost me again, we get to chatting about how we stay motivated with our exercise. “I tempt myself with a reward after,” Song laughs. “If I work out, then I am allowed to order Postmates.” In my mind, I reply with the emoji of two girls holding hands. I think we might be destined to be leggings-clad best friends after all.

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