There Are Dozens of Spring 2020 Trends, But These 7 Are the Most Wearable

It’s easy to associate trends with anything and everything impractical. Take the Jacquemus Le Chiquito bag, for example. It’s trendy, yes, but practical? Certainly not. However, every once in a while, there is an overlap between the items that are trendy and the items that are actually wearable, and it just so happens that this season, we got the best of both worlds. Out of the dozens of trends that emerged on the spring/summer 2020 runways, there were seven that we felt were more wearable than all the rest.

Let’s get one thing straight: Wearable doesn’t have to mean boring. If your shopping habits air on the side of practicality and quality basics, then you will find a lot of joy in the selection below. The way we justified each of the below trends as “wearable” was dependant on how capable each trend is of pairing well with the other contents of your wardrobe, how many varieties of occasions you can wear said trend to, and, of course, the overall no-fuss nature of each garment. Ready to see which seven wearable spring trends made the cut?

From long shorts to vests to the strong continuation of classic blazer-and-trouser duos, suiting dominated the spring runways this season. Since you can wear your suiting pieces together or separately, we believe this is one trend you can actually wear on a multitude of occasions—whether it be the office or a weekend outing. 

Long denim skirts felt obsolete until they appeared all over the spring runways. This denim bottom can be styled essentially the same way you would style any of your jeans—casually or in a more formal way. While yes, the comfort and the “basic” nature of this garment are off the charts, you’ll simultaneously be looking trendy which is really the goal here.

We’ve reported on this shoe trend as being the replacement for the “naked” shoe phenomenon of 2019, and we’re sticking to that. The success of these strappy sandals was so intense that there was no other option than for designers to refine and refresh them for 2020. Due to their simple design and tolerable heel height (depending on which pair you buy), there’s no reason why you won’t be wearing these every day this season. 

A subtle but very important trend this season was collared shirts. This included mainly a ’70s-inspired oversized collar that came to a stark point, but our main takeaway was the styling of said item. Instead of wearing these shirts underneath a blazer (forcing them to lose all of their time in the spotlight), designers styled them pulled out from under blazer lapels. Use the button-down shirt you already have or add one of the affordable options below to your cart for yet another new wearable spring trend in your life. 

Surely this is a trend you already have hanging in your closet, and if that is really the case, you are in luck because this lingerie staple is now a major point of reference this season as designers styled them every which way imaginable. Our recommendation? To wear yours with sneakers (or aforementioned T-strap sandals) and a sleek lightweight jacket on top. If you let it, this trend will be your go-to dress style this year for occasions aplenty.

Consider the woven-bag trend a simple update to your regular everyday bag. You don’t need to choose the bright orange, of course, but even the addition of a black or tan weaved leather handbag into your spring wardrobe will prove to be the accessory workhorse of your dreams this season. Plus, no matter what price you buy yours at, it’ll look extra expensive. 

To put it simply, pleated skirts are those no-fuss items that have the ability to completely transform an outfit into something noteworthy. Got a white T-shirt? Wear your pleated skirt with it and you’ll feel like the coolest version of yourself. Need something striking for a meeting? Your pleated skirt will pair perfectly with a button-down and a blazer. Are you seeing our point? 

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