The NYC Girls Setting the Trends Have Adopted These 5 Jean Styles

I recently descended upon the Big Apple for NYFW. As a fashion editor, I used this time to uncover what’s next in fashion both in terms of collections and street style. In reference to the latter, many of my favorite looks shared a common thread—each featured fresh denim cuts.

Honestly, this doesn’t come as much of a shock given that a flawless pair of jeans can instantly bring that forward yet pared-down vibe that’s often quite covetable. But what’s interesting, though, is that classic skinny jeans (one of my favorite styles) did not make an appearance in the outfits I gravitated toward. It seems that many in NYC (you know, those cool women who set the trends) are all about a few specific non-skinnies right now. Curious about the silhouettes making the rounds in New York? Keep scrolling to check out the jean trends I saw all over the city, complete with styling and shopping inspiration.

Naturally, New Yorkers are embracing one of spring’s noteworthy denim trends, flares. That ideal pair—similar to this whiskered style here—brings that retro yet modern quality to a look.

A cousin to wider-leg jeans, this denim cut features an exaggerated silhouette on the upper portion of the jeans while tapering slightly down by the ankle. Given its forward sensibilities, it’s no wonder the cool women running around New York City would be into them.

Straight-leg jeans have basically become the denim style du jour among the fashion crowd—especially New Yorkers. They’re chill, of-the-moment, and look chic with just about everything—including this very-right-now blazer ‘fit.

We’ve been seeing more and more wide-leg denim silhouettes infiltrate the style set as a bold pick to make a statement. I saw a plethora of modern outfits during NYFW featuring this more out-there jean style paired with everything from casual wear to more formal pieces like this tailored look.

Rather than skinnies, many fashion girls have been embracing the slim-straight jeans—sort of a hybrid of skinny and straight-leg. While this specific style featured an extremely cropped length, I also noticed extra-long styles that sort of swept the floor.

Next, check out another top denim trend fashion girls are loving.

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