The Most Stunning Vintage Engagement Rings, From $295 to $360K

When it comes to vintage engagement rings, there are too many pros to count. Two of my personal favorites are one, they’re a sustainable choice, and two, the craftsmanship of vintage engagement rings is unparalleled. Sold yet? Great. Just as it is with other vintage goods such as handbags and shoes, pre-owned diamond rings can come at a wide variety of prices. Some will have you feeling like you’re scoring a major deal while others are clearly a piece of history you’re investing in.

Curious to see the difference between a ring that costs a lot, let’s say $360,000, and one that costs $295? Then you’re in luck because we have rounded up the prettiest vintage engagement rings currently available at one of our go-to pre-owned retailers, The RealReal. From true heritage pieces of jewelry to more affordable dainty options, the selection ahead showcases the most stunning vintage engagement rings from most expensive to least expensive. While the first ring is definitely goals, the last one is just as good in our books.

If you were wondering what a $360K ring looks like, here we are. 

A showstopper.

Because shouldn’t diamonds always be wrapped about your band?

This one’s so timeless and classic.

Princess cut but fit for a queen.

Talk about unique. 

No need to layer rings when this beauty does it for you.

This one feels straight out of The Great Gatsby.

A unique setting for a trend-setting bride. 

People will surely know you’re engaged from a mile away.

We’ve never seen a setting like this before.

An eye-catching inversion of your typical engagement ring. 

I’m obsessed with this unique setting, and that’s an understatement. 

The perfect vintage-meets-modern design. 

If you’re a true fan of yellow gold, this ring is for you. 

We love the simplicity of this band.

What a beauty.

This one will leave anyone speechless. Mark my words.

An engagement ring that doubles as a work of art. 

This attention-grabbing setting is perfect for anyone who isn’t afraid of glitz and glam. 

Minimal but exudes the perfect amount of elegance, don’t you think?

This is a personal favorite. 

The pear shape remains popular for its romantic and vintage-inspired feel, and we can prove that by how dreamy this ring is. 

Perfect for a bride on a budget.  Next up, shop 12 honeymoon outfits that are perfect for any destination. 

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