The Fashion Trends Everyone Loves to Hate, According to an Instagram Expert

Fashion trends can be pretty polarizing, to say the least. As an editor, I can write all about them, set the story live, and move on with my life, but for a social media editor, the next steps are a little different. It is a social editor’s job to figure out which trends will perform the best visually on Instagram. (That’s certainly not all they do, but for the sake of this story, that’s all we’re going to talk about.) After working in the business since her time as a social media intern back in college, Mimi Postigo, Who What Wear’s social media manager, knows a thing or two about what the people of IG like and what they don’t, which is why I asked her to divulge some of the fashion trends she knows our followers love to hate, and love to love. 

“For the data, I looked at the last six months of our top-engaged posts on Instagram, including our most-liked and most-commented posts, to see what really stirred the pot,” said Postigo. From what she told us, it’s clear that Who What Wear’s followers hate any pants that aren’t really basic jeans, love a dramatic gown moment, and I’d tell you about the rest, but I’d rather have Mimi do that. 

Ahead, read up on all the fashion trends everyone loves to hate on Instagram, according to a true social media expert. 

The Uglies: “Nothing gets a rise out of Instagram like a controversial outfit. People have opinions when it comes to these trends, and the comments section can get heated, if I’m being honest. I kind of love to stir the pot and get excited to post these. It’s just fashion, people! Above all, not-your-average denim trends are the most common trend we see irk our audience on social.”

The Classics: “Instagram loves an outfit that can be easily re-created and will always look good, no matter the season. Be it the perfect pair of jeans or a good new way to style a blazer, the timeless looks always get the most love on IG.”

The Over-the-Top Trends: “These are the trends you want to wear but have no idea where you’d wear them. Amazing gowns, epic shoes, you get the gist. Chances are you’ve tagged a friend in one of these posts because they’re the type of thing you just have to see.”

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