The 3 Denim Styles I’m (Finally) Ready to Get Rid Of

Here’s something you may not know about me: I hate change. When I find a trend or fashion basic that I love, my hope is that it sticks with me for the long haul. In fact, I often buy things in multiples because I’m that convinced I’ll be using them on the regular. With that said, admitting to you all right now that I’m finally getting rid of these three denim styles is a pretty big deal. Actually, it hurts—but not as much as wearing something that looks dated does. Thus, I’m finally doing it. Below you’ll find the three denim styles that have served me well over the years but are no longer the coolest of the (many) pairs in my closet. I’ll be selling or donating them soon, and there’s a chance you might want to do the same once you see the alternatives. Just keep scrolling to get started!

Don’t get me wrong, I still love an ankle moment, but I’ve noticed that anything I hemmed one year ago or more just feels too cropped. It’s subtle, but the one inch makes such a difference. As you’ll soon see, the last photo in this story is about as short as I’m willing to go these days, and the above is ideal.

This one actually stings a little, but every time I reach for my old, high-waisted vintage Levi’s short shorts, I end up opting for a Bermuda-inspired pair instead. While I might keep them in storage rather than selling or donating (since they take up so little space), for the time being, my shorter jorts just don’t feel as fresh as the above longer style. 

Now, this one is easy. Ever since I started wearing jeans with rises of 10 and a half inches and above (up to 12 and a half for my favorite Pinch jeans), anything less than that just reminds me of my high school collection of Frankie Bs. While I have no low-rise jeans left to even get rid of, the mid-rise pairs that have been hanging around for some time now are definitely ready to get the boot.

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