Sorry, But These Airport Outfits Always Make Me Cringe

As someone who travels a good bit and has a tendency to observe what people are wearing (hey, that’s my job!), I think it’s safe to say I have opinions when it comes to airport outfits. I’m extremely careful when choosing my airport outfits, as they have to check so many boxes and serve so many purposes, so the topic of what not to wear is something I’ve put quite a lot of thought into.

I do think there’s a happy medium when it comes to airport attire. Obviously, most people wouldn’t dream of wearing some of the getups (e.g., miniskirts, crop tops, high heels, etc.) that celebrities wear to the airport, but I, for one, typically steer clear of outfits that could pass as pajamas. There are a few especially cringeworthy outfits that I repeatedly see in terminals. Read on to find out what they are and to get the lowdown what to wear instead.

Exposing a ton of skin is never a good idea at the airport, so choose pieces with a little more coverage, even when it’s hot outside. On Kate Bosworth: HVN dress; Stella McCartney bag; Tabitha Simmons Ines Flats ($352)

I’ve learned the hard way that tight 100% cotton jeans are a big mistake, and heels will only do you harm when running to catch a connection. Opt for loose jeans and sneakers instead. On Bella Hadid: Mandkhai sweater; Dior belt; Miss Sixty x Elizabeth Sucler jeans; Fendi tote; Balenciaga sneakers

The hallmark of a successful airport outfit? You can move freely in it, but it still looks polished. Do yourself a favor and avoid tight pieces that restrict your movement. WHO: Cindy Bruna

Again, exposing vast amounts of skin will leave you cold and feeling grimy on a dirty plane. Instead, choose comfortable pieces that provide more coverage. On Sienna Miller: Wrangler jeans; Proenza Schouler bag; Prada boots

While comfortable, logistically, a jumpsuit tends to be a regrettable choice when dashing to the restroom during a tight connection. Alternatively, sleek leggings and a sweatshirt will never get in your way. On Rita Ora: Roara Republic sweatshirt; Balenciaga sneakers

It’s tempting to just hope that your pajamas will pass as a fashion statement, but unless you’re wearing heels and accessorizing to the nines, that’s probably not the case. If you want a more elevated look, try an equally comfortable tracksuit. On Cate Blanchett: Tod’s bag

I’ve made the mistake of wearing too many accessories to the airport before, and I always quickly regret it. Security checkpoints are that much worse, and you’ll undoubtedly get annoyed by those statement earrings midflight. WHO: Irina Shayk and Stella Maxwell

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