Queen Letizia’s $30 Zara Dress Hits on This Year’s Biggest “Grandma” Trend

“Grandma” dressing is all over our Instagram feeds right now. From trends like square-toe shoes to top-handle bags, it should come as no surprise when we see some of the coolest women in fashion (and celebs like J.Lo and Amal) testing out these retro-inspired looks, but when a royal dips their toe in the trend, well, that’s newsworthy to us. Seeing as the guidelines that dictate royal wardrobes are strict and unwavering, it’s not every day that their fashion choices share some common ground with fashion’s inner circle.

Enter Queen Letizia of Spain, who nailed the biggest “grandma” trend of the year—tweed—during a recent appearance at the Zarzuela Palace in Madrid. Always one to show off a winning affordable find, she nailed the tweed trend via a navy dress from Zara, which is currently on sale for just $30. To complete her look, she cinched the dress with a thin black belt and opted for a pair of matching slingbacks. Congratulations, Queen Letizia, you managed to find the most expensive-looking item at all of Zara and had we not known it had a fast-fashion label, we’d assume it was a designer piece. Tweed for the win.

Scroll down to see Queen Letizia’s tweed dress look, how fashion girls are styling the trend, and then shop our picks.

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