Now Introducing, the Official ’90s Spring Capsule Wardrobe

If you’re rolling your eyes at yet another ’90s fashion story, blame it on the runways because this season was more heavily flooded with nostalgic styles from the decade than ever before. With the stripped-down and pared-back aesthetic we’ve seen so much of over the past couple of seasons, a return to the minimalism and simplicity of the ’90s really did feel like a natural next step for spring. Designers churned out all the classics in ways that still managed to feel fresh enough to clean out our closets to make room for the ultimate ’90s capsule wardrobe 2.0 this season. 

Ahead, we’ve rounded up the most notable (and wearable) spring trends that together make up the best ’90s capsule wardrobe you’ve ever seen. We’re talking column skirts styled with midriff-exposing tops, spaghetti straps in the form of both slip dresses and one-shoulder tops, and much more. If you’ve never really let go of ’90s fashion, then use this shopping selection as a way to refresh all of those pieces you probably already wear way too much. 

Let’s go back, back to when strappy tanks and asymmetrical tops were all the rage and you wore them with platform thong sandals and stretchy chokers. This time around, they are a tad more refined and, with the exception of the above image, most of the ones we spotted on the spring runways were sleek, simple, and in neutral hues. 

Lengthy column skirts reminiscent of the ones Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Jessica Parker used to wear on the red carpet are now back and they have never felt more exciting. Styled with as much exposed midriff as possible, these column skirts are proving to be the new slip skirt of 2020.

You can’t talk about ’90s fashion without bringing up tube tops. We love how elegantly they were styled on the runways this season, which is why we only shopped out black and white options. We feel they best represent the 2020 return of the trend. 

Shoulder bags made quite the comeback last year and they haven’t slowed their roll since. When talking about a comprehensive spring ’90s capsule wardrobe, well, it simply wouldn’t exist without one of these bags slung over your shoulder. 

Best paired with those column skirts we shopped out (wink wink), cropped sweaters are the ’90s top trend that’s here to stay. Whether you opt for a cropped cardigan or crewneck style, this is one trend that will have you feeling major Clueless vibes all day long. 

Slinky dresses were to the ’90s what the iPhone 11 is to 2020—a defining trend of the decade. If you don’t already own one of these spaghetti strap slip dresses, be sure to stock up on a few of our favorite styles below. 

Next up, shop the six biggest shoe trends you should bid farewell to this year. 

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