My Jewelry Style Is Simple, and I Love These 28 Affordable Pieces

I suppose my style could be considered on the simple side all around. I like to pick one statement piece and keep the rest of my outfit more refined. I usually shy away from bold color and almost always gravitate toward neutrals. Now, simple doesn’t necessarily mean boring. I like to play with different textures and shapes to add interest to my outfits.

My minimalistic approach also applies to jewelry: I strictly wear gold and lean toward pieces that are a bit understated. Where I want to add interest, I’ll usually layer a few simpler pieces together to create a unique look. With my minimalist aesthetic in mind, I scanned all of my favorite jewelry brands for the best affordable pieces around right now. From the chain-link earrings that are perfectly on-trend for spring to the stackable ring set made up of unique shapes, below are the 28 best minimalist jewelry pieces I’ve seen this year. 

An updated version of the classic ID bracelet.

Spherical pieces are going to be a major spring 2020 jewelry trend.

This pearl accent is so sophisticated.

Perfect for layering.

Simple yet elegant. 

The white and gold scream summer.

The little stones are nice touch.

Just a hint of texture.

Chain-link jewelry is another major spring 2020 trend.

A good pair of hoops will never fail you.

More chains!

My kind of statement earring.

Fake a double piercing with these.

Add some texture interest with these hoops.

The little hearts are sweet without being cheesy.

PSA: Lariats are making a huge comeback in 2020.

I love the mix of shapes in this chain.

So delicate.

This teardrop necklace is perfect for layering.

These barely there gemstones are so pretty.

Can you tell I only wear gold jewelry?

Wear these stacked or alone.

The pearl details are so unexpected.

Gunmetal stones are always a cool look.

Break up your gold stacks with this black enamel piece.

A perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

Stack this with another textured ring for a seriously cool mix.

I already own this one and get compliments every time I wear it.

Next up: 15 jewelry brands for minimalists.

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