My 60-Year-Old Mom Is Trying These 6 Elegant Trends Because of Anna Wintour

There are a few tastemakers my mother tends to turn to on the regular for sartorial guidance. And given that she often sticks to classic pieces that could work well with the timeless offering she’s been curating for years, it’s those A-listers with more refined style sensibilities that she loves. And, yes, one of which just so happens to be Anna Wintour.

As one of the most defining authorities in fashion, it’s really no surprise that my mom pays particular attention to the trend advice she gives and what she personally wears. On that note, when I was home in Wisconsin visiting my mom, she asked me if a necklace she was pairing with a crew-neck–sweater–and-jeans outfit would be “Anna Wintour–approved.” The piece in question happened to be a multicolored gem stunner. I replied, “Yes, mom, she always wears elegant accessories like that.” This got me thinking. I thought it could be fun and resourceful to scroll through a range of Anna Wintour street style imagery to uncover a few more specific polished items my mom would want to try.

Now, yes, my mom is 60, but she called out the elegant trends coming your way because she truly thinks they can work for anyone at any age. Because, of course, the year you were born really has nothing to do with what you should or shouldn’t work.

So with all that in mind, keep scrolling to check out the spring 2020 trends (complete with shopping inspo) that my 60-year-old mother is ready to buy—all thanks to the Editor in Chief of Vogue.

“I love my leather moto jacket because it makes me feel cool and a bit luxurious. This whole leather trench coat is appealing to me then because the look seems sophisticated and a bit different.”

“I’m really feeling all the fun animal-printed stuff out there right now. And leave it to Anna to convince me to add even more leopard print into my wardrobe. That pop of leopard just seems so fashiony to me.”

“My life these days doesn’t call for a full suit at all, but I do like how a crisp blazer just looks classic. I’m loving this tweed pick in particular.”

“As you know, I’m a jewelry woman and am all about the fun colorful gems out there. I have a few pretty necklaces and earrings in that style, but I want to add a few more little trinkets to my collection—like the necklaces Anna always seems to wear.”

“Pleated details come across as particularly refined to give off that dressed-up look. I actually have a pleated skirt that I wear for more formal occasions, but I’m interested in trying a pleated dress for an easy but sleek look.”

“I think I mentioned to this to you before, but I am still interested in adding more snakeskin boots to my wardrobe because they feel just a tad fancier than the little black booties I wear all the time. I’m not sure I’d go for the knee-high styles like Anna seems to be wearing here, but rather the lower variety for me personally.”

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