I’m 5’11”, and I Swear By These 5 Boot Styles

At 5’11”, I’m what most people would consider tall. I’m so tall, in fact, that I’m regularly stopped and asked what basketball team I play for. Not if, but what—as if being tall somehow means I’m automatically in the WNBA. Regardless, I love my height. I love standing out in a crowd. I’m thrilled I can wear maxi dresses all summer long without worrying about tripping. I actually enjoy being similar in height to my 6’2″ boyfriend. No awkward couples photos here, thank you very much.

That are, however, certain considerations that must be made when you’re 5’8″+. For example, I tend to veer away from miniskirts, as what might be mini on others is practically invisible on me. Likewise, I prefer a lower heel like a mule over a stiletto. I like meeting my boyfriend eye-to-eye, but I’m not trying to pat him on the head from above. That’s why when it comes to boots, there are certain styles I prefer. I’m not shopping for 5-inch bootie heels, but I’m definitely seeking out the perfect over-the-knee boot. With me? Keep reading for the best boot styles for tall women.

If I was left on a desert island with only one pair of shoes, it would be my combat boots. Though perhaps not entirely practical for a sand-filled beach, they’re otherwise the most versatile shoe on the planet. There’s not an outfit they don’t go with, from boyfriend jeans to flowing midi skirts. Furthermore, combat boots hit the perfect part of the calf for tall women, accentuating your toned muscles, and making the rest of your leg seem long and lean. I match my combat boots with the bike-shorts trend for that very reason.

The most classic combat boot in the game. They had to be included. 

For a designer take, look to Prada.

These were built to last.

I own these boots and wear them more often than I’d like to admit. 

Love the buckle detail on this pair.

OTK boots might swallow up shorter women’s legs while nearly reaching their hips, but they merely accentuate our lithe and long limbs. Take advantage of the fact that you can wear an OTK boot and a sundress with enough leg to show a little skin in between. That’s a rare and impressive feat, I assure you.

Enough said, no?

If you can wear these boots, WEAR THEM. 

Simple but statement-making.

Tall’s in the name, after all.

Stuart Weitzman knows OTK boots.

The low-cut ankle boot is a surprisingly flattering style for tall women. Compared to a traditional ankle boot—which can hit long legs at the wrong place—low-cut boot sits right under your ankles. Pair these with midi skirts or a cuffed jean for a style perfect for those of us over 5’8″.

A little bit country, a little bit rock ‘n’ roll.

This kitten-heel style is the perfect height.

I own these boots in white, and can attest to their versatility and comfort. 

For when you’re looking for a shoe with a little pizzazz. 

Love a good heel detail.

Reaching mid-calf, cowboy boots are not only one of the most popular trends this year, but also an ideal boot for tall women. The heel on cowboy boots are typically an understated height, and they match nicely with a maxi dress (which also happens to suit our long frames perfectly). 

Never met a pair of cowboy boots I didn’t need now.

See what I mean?

This hue is perfect for the transitional period between summer and fall.

I’ve been eyeing these Ganni boots all summer long. 

Ready for you, Nashville.

An easy alternative to over-the-knee boots, knee-high boots are ideal on occasions when you want to show a little more leg—or look like you’re headed to your stable to ride horses à la Gigi and Bella Hadid. Either way, they’re perfectly suited with tailored pants or a summer dress that hits mid-thigh. 

Clearly I’ve got a thing for Prada.

Neutral dressing done right.

Off-white, anyone?

Lead me to the nearest horse, please. 

A rain boot is a fun way to interpret a knee-high boot. 

If you also have wide feet, these are the shoes for you.

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