I Was Influenced to Try These 12 Beauty Products—and Am So Happy I Did

As much as I hate to admit it, I’m extremely susceptible to good digital marketing. Give me an aesthetically pleasing image and rave reviews, and my interest has most likely been piqued. Unfortunately, this savvy marketing leaves me with great expectations that are usually met with disappointment after the product doesn’t quite live up to the hype. However, there are those rare unicorn products that are not only praised on Instagram but actually deliver results IRL.

There are a handful that I’m ashamed to admit I was influenced to try by something I saw on Instagram, and after testing I’m so glad I succumbed. They not only lived up to the hype but have become products I use on heavy rotation and have even recommended to friends and fellow editors. From the mesmerizing scent that has now become one of my signatures to the bronzer that delivers the best glow I’ve ever had, below are the 12 best beauty products I tried because of Instagram. 

Le Labo fragrances are as buzzy as it gets, and as much as I love the Santal scent, I hated the idea of smelling like everyone else. Enter The Noir 29. Its intoxicating smell is the perfect mix of masculine and feminine with just the right notes of cedar, bergamot, and musk.

Chanel’s compacts are just as pretty as they are functional, and dare I say its bronzer is the best I’ve ever had. It’s super natural-looking with the perfect warm and glowy formula one looks for in a bronzer. Dust on just a bit for a lit-from-within glow or layer the buildable formula on for a more dramatic look. 

I never thought a hand soap would end up on my most-wanted list, but Byredo’s ultra-chic selection of soaps completely changed my mind. Its heavenly scents and lightweight formula (not to mention aesthetically pleasing packaging) makes me actually look forward to washing my hands. 

YSL’s Libre perfume not only has seriously cool packaging, but its floral smell is like a treat for your senses every time you spray it. With notes of lavender, orange, and musk, this whimsical scent is guaranteed to get you compliments. 

After seeing Hum Nutrition’s variety of supplements all over my feed, I finally gave in and tried the Skin Heroes Pre + Probiotic, and both my skin and digestion have been consistent ever since. I now take two daily and haven’t looked back. I’ve also recently added the Über Energy B vitamin into my routine and have felt a steady stream of energy throughout the day.

Biossance has become one of those brands I tell all my friends about. Ever since I saw Aimee Song raving about it on her account, I’ve been hooked. The company is totally clean (it even has the EWG stamp of approval, which is no easy feat) yet is formulated to deliver real results. Its Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil brightens and evens your skin tone like no other, and it belongs in everyone’s medicine cabinet

Another supplement company I was skeptical about but am now fully on board with is The Nue Co. I regularly drink too much coffee, so its Nootro-Focus supplement has been a lifesaver. It uses L-theanine, ginkgo, and Rhodiola to increase your focus and keep you feeling clearheaded all day.  

As someone who already owns way too many masks that I don’t use often enough, I wasn’t sure I needed to add another to my medicine cabinet. But Summer Fridays’ Overtime Mask has become one of my favorite exfoliating products. It gently exfoliates your dead skin to reveal softer, more even skin with no irritation—and as someone with sensitive skin, I am well aware of how rare that is to find in a mask. 

I don’t usually like body glow products, but Chanel’s shimmering gel formula is the exception. It gives you a red carpet–worthy glow without any sticky feeling (which is the issue I have with most products of its kind). 

It took me a long time to jump on the Glossier bandwagon (I know, I’m a late bloomer), but once I tried its Balm Dotcom, I knew the hype was real. It’s ultra-hydrating and can be used as a multipurpose product. Put some on your lips, then tap some onto the high points of your face for a subtle highlight.

Finding scents on Instagram can be risky, but after seeing some of the people I trust most post about this fragrance, I knew I had to try it—and Frédéric Malle’s Portrait of a Lady is now one of my signature scents. It’s super potent, so one light spray is more than enough, but it’s heavily addicting. I will warn you though, prepare for tons of inquiries on what scent you’re wearing. 

Body lotion is very hit-or-miss for me, but Malin + Goetz’s formula just nails it. From hydration level to consistency to scent, this body lotion is one of those that you won’t be able to stop using. 

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