I Thought I Hated Skinny Jeans, But These Outfit Ideas Changed My Mind

I honestly can’t remember the last time I wore skinny jeans. Perhaps two—maybe even three—years have gone by since a pair was even in my rotation. Now, rigid, non-stretch, looser styles dominate my wardrobe. In fact, I didn’t think I’d be needing to make room for skinnies in my wardrobe anytime soon, but, of course, things change.

Lately, I’ve noticed more and more of the many stylish girls I follow on Instagram bringing skinny jeans back and making them look even more forward than some of the trendier styles we’ve been favoring instead. Whether it’s pairing them with of-the-moment knee-high boots or an oversized blazer (or both), these looks actually have me wanting to check my storage for a pair. To see all eight of the outfits I’m loving for yourself and shop them along the way, just keep scrolling.

This combo of a blazer, skinnies, and combat boots is business-casual at its finest.

Denim on denim looks exponentially cooler with the addition of a long coat and statement boots.

A “borrowed from the boys” jacket looks shockingly chic when paired with jeans and knee-high boots.

There are so many trends going on here (the baseball cap, the beige overcoat, the leather blazer), but everything goes together perfectly. 

I already own this tank, so you can bet this will be my uniform once spring starts creeping in.

Who knew all you needed to do was belt a puffer to suddenly transform it into a “fashion” coat?

I’m currently in the process of collecting oversized blazers, so you can bet I’ll be adding this to my outfit rotation.

We probably all own these basics but don’t always think to put them together like this. I’m definitely copying this outfit this weekend.

Next, these are the best spring 2020 trends, period.

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