I Studied 47 Medicine Cabinet Instagrams, and These Products Were in 90% of Them

There’s something very voyeuristic about peeking into someone’s medicine cabinet, which is probably why it’s become such an Instagram sensation. While I’d never open it up at a dinner party, if someone posts one on their feed for all the world to see, you can bet I’m zooming in. Being the medicine cabinet stalker that I am, I’m quite familiar with the products people fill them with, and some of the similarities are just impossible to miss. 

You’ve probably noticed that, thanks to the popularity of Instagram, beauty products are far more aesthetically pleasing than they used to be. But the beauty of it is that what’s inside is usually as effective as the bottle is chic. Thanks to my exhaustive research (I know, tough gig), I’ve rounded up the most popular medicine cabinet products on Instagram. Not only will they make your bathroom more photogenic, but they’ll make you more photogenic. Shop the medicine cabinet–worthy pics below.

Drunk Elephant’s cult following is no joke, and nowhere is it more evident than among the medicine cabinets of Instagram. The ones that didn’t feature any products from the brand were few and far between.

Retinol is an essential part of a skincare routine, and few new ones have gotten as much buzz as this one.

This French beauty find is a must for parched skin (on both the face and body).

Instagram-friendly, wallet-friendly, and skin-friendly.

Simple packaging, simple to use. This wave spray gives all hair types subtle texture and body. (Plus, it smells amazing.) 

There’s a Versed serum for every skin concern. And at this price, you might as well just buy them all.

It gets the job done (for way less money than other brightening serums on the market).

Once you’ve tried this incredible potion, you’ll never want to be without it.

Empty Diptyque candle jars are the perfect size for a medicine cabinet and provide a very chic storage solution for brushes and other small products.

The new It face oil on the market has been popping up in medicine cabinet IGs (including my own—see below).

If you love Tatcha as much as I do, you need to try this dreamy lavender cream. It’s been my go-to this winter.

I don’t need to tell you how important sun protection is, and this is how I and countless others choose to do it.

This hydrating face mist is a bathroom (and airplane carry-on) staple.

It’s no wonder Herbivore’s chic, all-natural products have garnered such a cult following. I saw as many of them as I did Drunk Elephant products (perhaps even more).

Every new Glow Recipe launch is met with high anticipation (and immediate medicine cabinet placement).

If you travel a lot (or just want a boost of hydration and radiance), you need this popular mask.

Byredo’s line of unique, special fragrances in chic, minimal packaging is the go-to among the beauty (and fashion) crowd.

While Dr. Barbara Strum’s line might be a splurge, anyone who uses it will tell you how effective her products are.

This rich cream does wonders in the name of anti-aging.

Even though it’s been around for ages, Crème de la Mer remains the holy-grail in luxury beauty and has plenty of devoted fans.

If you want to look like you just got a facial, invest in this treatment. The exfoliating results are immediately visible.

The water-based-cream craze pretty much started with this light and dewy gel-cream hybrid.

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