How to Create Beyoncé’s Nala-Inspired Makeup Look—According to Her Makeup Artist

If you’re like us, you’ve been counting down the days, minutes, and quite possibly seconds, until the release of Disney’s brand new rendition of The Lion King. And, the day is finally here! Of course, we can’t wait to see—or rather hear—all of our favorite stars (Donald! Beyoncé!) and sing all of the favorite tunes, but we’ve also harbored deep-seated excitement for Beyonce’s inevitably amazing beauty looks. Because you guys, there’s nothing we love more than Beyoncé on a red carpet. 

Known and worshipped for her stunning hair, makeup, and fashion moments, we knew we’d be in for an assortment of glittering, lioness-inspired treats pre-release, and thus far, the actress and singer hasn’t disappointed. Still reeling in the best way possible from the sleek gilded cat-eye she wore for the film’s London debut, we received the full product and application scoop from her longtime makeup artist, Sir John.   

“Attending the L.A. premiere and seeing the CGI for the first time was visually such a treat,” Sir John shared in a press release earlier this week. “Nala’s eyes mesmerized me, and I thought, how can I translate this into wearable glam?! If you noticed, the London premiere was my attempt at harnessing the power and sultry essence of a lioness. Not literal in interpretation, however, there’s an undeniable feline presence.”

Inspired by the star’s stunning marigold-hued gown, Sir John used a strategic array of products from his very own collab—Disney’s The Lion King Limited Edition Collection by Sir John x Luminess

Ahead, we’re sharing the complete beauty break-down, products and tips included. Keep scrolling!

“I knew the gold shades Simba and Nala from the Can’t Wait To Be Queen Eyeshadow Palette ($42) would be stellar choices,” Sir John shared. “I love transforming my clients into golden girls. It’s kind of my thing.”  As the above two shades were the key gilded power players for Beyoncé’s shimmering lid, Sir John used the eyeshadow shades King and Pride Rock to add more depth in her crease. To transition, he used the shade Safari Khaki to lend blendable softness.

For her glossed nude lip, he first layered the collection’s Liquid Lipstick in Trouble (shown above) with Pounce (shown below) layered on top.

Not that she even needs it, but to give the singer and actress even more contour, Sir John used a variety of shades for this palette (they mix and meld so well!) to create some extra definition.

Getting ready for a red carpet (especially when lots of skin is exposed) doesn’t just involve makeup being applied to the face, and to gift Beyoncé with extra glow all over, Sir John used this beautiful highlighter atop her décolletage, arms, legs, and shoulders, or as he explains, anywhere that light would naturally reflect off of. Et voila! Beyonce’s lioness-inspired makeup look. Oh, and if you’re as obsessed with Sir John’s collab with Luminess Cosmetics as we are, keep scrolling for more amazing beauty looks created with the products!

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