Here’s What to Wear in 100-Degree Weather

Oo la la! Paris is burning, but this time it’s not Blair and Serena that lit the match. While current rising temperatures may be more likely attributed to, ahem, climate change, the fact is that cities from Athens to New York are hotter than a Y7 yoga class. Scorching summer heat is visibly rising from the roads, babies can be found in water fountains near and far, and city dwellers are seeking refuge anywhere they can find a functioning AC unit (which is less common than you would think). 

Unless you’re one of the lucky few who have been able to escape to the countryside for a much-needed reprieve, you’ve likely joined the masses in their desperate search for cool beverages, shade, and water in any form. City fountains have become watering holes, iced coffee has become a food group, and awnings provide a refuge from the unrelenting sun. In this scorching summer heat, even though the rule seems to be the fewer clothes the better, unfortunately, many of us don’t have the luxury of neglecting our duties, donning a bikini and heading for the nearest pool. We have work to do, meetings to attend, friends to meet for drinks, and we need outfits that will carry us from A to B without subjecting us to heat exhaustion.

The fact remains that less is better, however, so we’ve pulled together six outfits that will beat the heat. Continue on for the ultimate summer inspo from our favorite fashion girls and figure out what to wear in 100-degree weather. 

Madelynn Furlong wore this in Paris when it was actually 100 degrees. What other proof could you need that this is the perfect weather for high temps? 

Easy, breezy, beautiful– light, white tanks.

If you didn’t already know, white reflects heat and is therefore the best color to wear in the summer.

When wearing midi or maxi skirts, opt for those with a slit in the side for breathability, and pair it with an itty-bitty tank on top. 

This low-cost piece is a summer essential.

Sarongs are in. You heard it here first.

This is the way to do denim shorts: Bermuda style and folded at the hem. Pair them with an easy cami (I told you it was a staple!) and a pair of statement sunnies and you’ve got a cool outfit (in every sense of that word). 

This is a fun upgrade on an easy cami that will pair delightfully with your denim shorts. 

These denim shorts perfectly fit the bill.

Not only can you wear this incredibly eye-catching set perfect in 100-degree temperatures, you can also wear it to a picnic in 100-degree temperatures which is a bonus indeed if I do say so myself. 

Click through to find the matching top to complete this peachy picnic-perfect pair.

This outfit literally screams cool comfort. I can hear it. With a loose fit, light fabrics and colorful tones, this outfit will look chic strolling down the Avenue Montaigne in Paris or lounging beachside in Santorini. 

A blue-and-white nautical theme is a classic pattern suited for the summer months. 

Extremely versatile, these pants can easily be dressed up for the office or dressed down for a Saturday afternoon. 

The most daring fashion move I will be making this summer is wearing a bandana top. Not only is this the forefront of fashion-girl style, but there is no doubting that this is about as cool as you can get in higher temps without wearing a bathing suit top. 

This square scarf will make for the ideal top with a little folding and creativity.

These pants with the scarf above. Think about it. I’ve just convinced myself to buy an entire outfit. 

A white eyelet cotton sundress is the definition of summer heat simplicity, but it’s upgraded with a cute, simple hair scarf that is coincidentally ideal for keeping your hair off your face as well!

When it comes to white sundresses, this one takes the cake.

And my collection of head scarves continues to grow…

If you can wear a bikini in 100-degree temps, do it. This is the bikini style that’s dominating this season.