Here’s How to Wear an Ear Cuff Like a Fashion Girl

When it comes to jewelry, I’m all about layering. Whether I’m layering multiple gold necklaces around my neck or stacking beaded bracelets on my wrists, my motto has always been the more the merrier—I just never expected to get into layering earrings. Recently, I’ve found myself fascinated with fashion-girl ear games as I peruse street style galleries from London Fashion Week and scroll through my Instagram feed. Each ear party looks crazier than the last, and I love it.

Whether it be multiple lobe piercings, cartilage piercings, or even inner-conch piercings, more is definitely more. Before I was ready to take the plunge and get another ear piercing (or five), I wanted to try the trend with a little less commitment. Enter: the ear cuff, aka the perfect way to accessorize your ear and up your jewelry game, no piercing necessary. That said, if you do have a piercing, there are also many cartilage pieces for your perusal. From small cuffs to threaded styles and pieces that run along your entire inner ear, there’s a cuff for everyone.

Keep reading to see how to wear an ear cuff from our favorite fashion girls; then shop out some of our favorites.

This is not what I would call “dipping your toe in the water,” but it definitely makes a statement. Plus, it looked so fab at London Fashion Week that it’s effectively a must-have. 

Ear cuffs don’t have to be worn around your cartilage. Try wearing them low on your ear through a traditional ear piercing for a fun take. 

Why have one when you could have three? Like I said… The more the merrier. 

The mid-cuff is the perfect in-between for your piercing and a cartilage cuff. No piercing required makes this the perfect addition. 

Cuffs that crawl all the way up the ear mean an on-point ear game with less jewelry required. 

This set of earrings gives you everything you need for an ear full of fun. Piercings and cuffs galore!

Attaching your ear cuff and traditional piercing with a gold chain is a stylish way to embellish your ear. 

Despite displaying it placed around middle ear, this cuff can be worn at any height depending on the look you’re going for. 

Tuck these over your cartilage for a beautiful dropped cuff that outlines your ear.

Pearls are extra trendy this season and provide a fun twist on your ear accessories. 

For those who are looking for a simple but elegant gold hoop. 

A little pricey, but definitely a statement piece.

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