Gigi Hadid’s Maternity Photo Shoot Is Downright Beautiful

The world has been (very) anxiously awaiting the official debut of Gigi Hadid’s baby bump, and it was finally bestowed upon us this morning, in the most supermodel way possible. Previously, we’d just gotten a quick glimpse of it in this video, but now there’s full photo shoot documentation, and it’s stunning.

Hadid teamed up with some of the best creatives in the business (as one does when they’re a supermodel) for the shoot, including fashion photography duo Luigi and Lango, stylist Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, and makeup artist Erin Parsons. The resulting shoot, which Hadid posted on her Instagram this morning, is undeniably ethereal. The photos were taken a month ago, and it’s predicted that she and Malik will become parents any day now (and the rumor is that it’s a girl). We’ll find out soon but in the meantime, scroll to see the glowing mom-to-be.

Next up, read all about Gigi Hadid’s pregnancy makeup routine.

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