Brex Corporate Card for Ecommerce Review: An Unusual Card That Can Help Grow Your Established Business

INSIDER SECRET: While the card doesn’t have a traditional welcome bonus, it offers special pricing and credits on common business expenses and tools that could be worth up to $50,000 per year.

If you have a well-established small business with significant online sales, the Brex Corporate Card for Ecommerce may unlock new opportunities for you.

This isn’t like most credit cards we review – there’s no traditional sign-up bonus, and no rewards. What this card focuses on is flexibility and reliability for your business, with no fees, extended payment periods and integration with key business tools like Quickbooks and Expensify.

Here’s our Brex Corporate Card for Ecommerce review.

Brex Corporate Card for Ecommerce review: it’s not like most other business credit cards. (Photo by Flamingo Images/Shutterstock)

Brex Corporate Card for Ecommerce Review

Apply Here: Brex Corporate Card for Ecommerce

The Brex Corporate Card for Ecommerce doesn’t come with a traditional welcome bonus and doesn’t have a rewards program. However, you’ll receive credits and discounts on products and services that are often used by ecommerce sites.

Brex Corporate Card for Ecommerce Offers

Brex has negotiated special offers for cardholders with providers of key business tools – they claim these partner offers are worth over $50,000. Here are a few highlights:

  • $5,000 in Amazon Web Services credit (over one year)
  • $500 in Twilio credit (valid for one year)
  • $436 Zendesk credit every month for one year
  • Up to $150 in Google Ads credit
  • Up to 15% off the first six months of a new WeWork office space
  • 25% off a Salesforce subscription, up to $375 in savings
The discounts and credits that come with the Brex Corporate Card for Ecommerce can save your business a ton of cash. (Photo by chainarong06/Shutterstock)

Brex Corporate Card for Ecommerce Benefits

60 Days to Pay

Instead of monthly credit card bills, Brex uses a rolling 60-day payment window: if you make a purchase today on your Brex Corporate Card for Ecommerce, the amount of your purchase will be deducted from your bank account 60 days from now.

No Fees or Interest

The Brex Corporate Card for Ecommerce does come with an annual fee of $60 per user, but for Million Mile Secrets readers this card fee is waived. You pay no interest on your purchases because this is a charge card and you won’t carry a balance each billing period. Brex only makes money from the fees charged to merchants when you use your card. The first five cards on your account are free; additional users cost $5 per month.

Revenue-Based Credit Limits

Brex promises a credit limit of between 50% and 100% of your monthly sales, as determined by your online shopping software (like Shopify). This means if you qualify, your credit limit will be a minimum of $25,000 – significantly higher than most credit cards. That’s because your business will need to have at least $50,000 in monthly sales to be eligible for this card.

No Impact on Your Personal Finances or Credit Report

The Brex Corporate Card for Ecommerce is based on the creditworthiness of your business, not your personal finances. Most business credit cards hold you personally liable if the company fails to pay the bills, but Brex doesn’t require this. That also means the card has no impact on your personal credit score.

Build Business Credit

Brex reports to two major business credit agencies – Experian and Dun & Bradstreet – which helps you establish a credit history for your business, making it easier to get loans and financing in the future.

Does the Brex Corporate Card for Ecommerce Charge Foreign Transaction Fees?


Who Is Eligible for the Brex Corporate Card for Ecommerce?

The Brex Corporate Card for Ecommerce is designed for established online businesses. You must be incorporated as a legal entity like a Limited Liability Company (LLC), partnership, or corporation – unlike most business credit cards, sole proprietors are NOT eligible. So you’re not able to apply with just your social security number and a side-gig like many of us do.

You must also have been in operation for at least one year, and have at least $50,000 in monthly sales revenue from an online marketplace like Amazon or Shopify.

Customer Support for the Brex Corporate Card for Ecommerce

Brex offers 24/7 support via email, live chat and phone – and their phone number goes directly to a real person, with short hold times and no pressing buttons or struggling with a voice recognition system.

Cards Similar to the Brex Corporate Card for Ecommerce

Newer businesses could consider the Brex Corporate Card for Startups. Similar to the Brex Corporate Card for Ecommerce, you won’t need a personal credit check to qualify and won’t pay any fees, but you will require a substantial bank balance and revenue. Unlike the Ecommerce card, you’ll only have 30 days to pay your balance (instead of 60).

However, the Brex Corporate Card for Startups offers a rewards program, with 1 point worth 1 cent each toward statement credits. There’s no welcome bonus, but for ongoing spend you’ll earn:

  • 7 points per dollar on rideshares (Uber, Lyft, taxi etc)
  • 4 points per dollar on travel booked through Brex travel
  • 3 points per dollar on restaurants
  • 2 points per dollar on software subscriptions
  • 1 point per dollar on everything else

For folks who don’t have the business revenue or structure to qualify for a Brex card but want a card that can help their business grow, The Blue Business℠ Plus Credit Card from American Express is a solid choice, and you’re eligible as a sole proprietor. It has no annual fee (See rates & fees) and earns 2 Amex Membership Rewards points per dollar on the first $50,000 in purchases per year (then 1 point per dollar).

Plus it offers the ability to spend above your credit limit if you have a large upcoming purchase. Here’s our review of the Amex Blue Business Plus for more details.

Bottom Line

The Brex Corporate Card for Ecommerce isn’t for people looking to maximize rewards on their spending, but it’s ideal for companies with significant online sales looking to smooth out cash flow and streamline their expense management. You’ll get 60 days to pay for each purchase, and you won’t pay interest because this is a charge card.

And because Brex extends credit to your company rather than you as an individual, it’s safer for business owners. This card won’t affect your personal credit report and you’re not liable for charges if the business fails.

That said, your company must be established for over a year (sole proprietors don’t qualify) with a minimum of $50,000 per month in revenue to be eligible for the card.

You can apply for the Brex Corporate Card for Ecommerce here.

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