8 Spring Trends That Are Technically Free

Is there anything better than a trend you don’t have to actually spend money on? This perpetually over-budget editor thinks not and is imagining those reading this are nodding in agreement as well. After all, who’s not about low risk coupled with high reward—especially when it comes to fashion? Again, I’ll assume you concur.

But really, whether it’s something we all bought years ago that’s suddenly back in the spotlight or a styling trick that’s simply a new way to wear pieces you already own, the eight trends you’re about to see below not only fall into that free category but, beyond that, are actually some of spring’s best. In short, there are endless reasons to love them (and wear them) all season long. So to see all eight of the budget-friendly trends we’re endorsing for the months ahead, just keep scrolling. 

Who doesn’t have one or a dozen old caps lying around? It’s time to wear them and get on board with the trend both EmRata and editors have been quick to already embrace.

From giant scarves styled as dresses to smaller ones transformed into tops to entirely reworked versions made into intricate garments, designers were highly inspired by the classic accessory for spring. So it’s time to take one out and start searching YouTube for ways to wear it.

It was only a matter of time until jean skirts had their comeback moment, and according to brands like Stella McCartney, Celine, and Alexander Wang, S/S 20 is it. 

Even if you don’t have a raffia ball gown lying around, odds are you’ve acquired at least one straw bag in the last decade’s worth of summers, so dust it off and get ready to wear it a lot next season.

I can confidently guess that 99% of the people reading this have an old, stretchy tube top either in the way back of their closets or somewhere in their intimates drawer that they simply never got rid of. Kudos to you for saving it because they’re back! 

Whether with jeans, cargos, or trousers, dress-over-pants layering was the styling trend we spotted on countless runways from Khaite to Jacquemus to Brock Collection and can’t wait to re-create in the coming months.

Be it an old sweater, beachwear, or Coachella outfit you never thought you’d re-wear, this spring is the time to bring any and all forms of crochet back into your rotation. 

Got one belt? Good. Got a second belt? Even better. Now, all you have to do is wear them at the same time, as seen above. 

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