7 Ways to Turn Spring’s Biggest Trends Into Comfortable Outfits

With all that’s happening in the world right now, investing in all of the spring trends probably isn’t your #1 priority. Understandable. But if one of your priorities right now is adding to your collection of comfortable clothes, we’re here to help. Since we’re all stuck inside wearing sweatpants as spring blossoms outside our windows, it’s starting to feel like we’re missing out on the latest spring trends, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case.

Since we’re all FaceTiming, Zoom meeting, and Instagram taking a lot these days, you may have the urge to change out of the full sweatsuit from time to time these days, but you don’t need to sacrifice comfort to do so. We selected 7 of the biggest spring trends and turned them into easy, affordable, comfortable outfits to wear in the comfort of your home (or outdoors when that’s a thing again). Keep scrolling to shop them. (Bonus: Each one only calls for 3 pieces.)

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