6 Affordable “Miracle Workers” That Will Make Leggings Look Chic

While sweatpants are clearly having a moment right now, the legging trend is still holding its own. And sure, you may have a go-to uniform you’ve been wearing with your favorite leggings for the past few seasons, but as celebrities have been showcasing recently, it’s all about going for those fresh and forward new staples to keep leggings looking chic and current.

In fact, a friend of mine recently asked for advice on what to wear with her leggings when she’s out and about, and I came back to her with, what I call, legging “miracle workers” that were inspired by some of my favorite style setters. Basically, I think there are six key fashionable items that, when paired with leggings, are destined for sartorial success.

To dive into this matter a bit deeper, I’m showcasing the items that I think are worth teaming up with your leggings to create cool spring looks. Oh, and as an added bonus, the trends in question are also all shoppable at an affordable price. Sure, some of the pieces worn by the It girls below may skew higher-end, but all are achievable at a lower price point. So without further ado, keep scrolling for a bit of outfit and shopping inspiration—all under $150.

As one of the most classic shoe silhouettes out there, pointed pumps—especially in black—inherently bring an elegant feel to any ensemble. Yes, even a legging fit. The fashion crowd is fully embracing the dressed-up legging look with stilettos.

It’s all about the reworked or overcoat trench this season. While the versatile topper can really be paired with anything, it feels quite relevant with leggings and heels.

As Kaia Gerber also showcased recently, one of the coolest accessories of the moment just so happens to be one of the cheapest. Yep, if you really want that trendy look, break out a pair of white tube socks and wear them over your leggings. Yes, it may feel a bit ’80s-inspired, but it also is very right now.

Want a fresh legging fit? Don’t underestimate the power of a forward and current shoe choice as well like strappy cage shoes. Try a closed-toe style right now or a sandal iteration when the temperatures start to warm up.

A modern blazer—one in a slouchier cut—adds a polished element to an ensemble. While this specific look here features leather leggings, this tailoring staple would amp up classic black leggings as well.

Whether heeled or flat, a pair of loafers (similar to the idea of pointed pumps) brings a sharp and spruced-up vibe to a casual legging ‘fit. Sure, sneakers will always work with leggings, but consider comfortable loafers next time to take your look to the next level.

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