6 Accessory Trends That Are Starting to Feel Dated (and Fresh Options to Try)

The first day of spring is technically about a month away, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t begun prepping our warmer-weather wardrobes. Because, come on, the latest spring trends are just that good, and it’s basically impossible not to want to shop them already. When it comes to accessories, there’s a range of standouts we’re particularly eager to test out this season. And alternatively, there are a few counterparts we might consider storing away due to their slightly outdated nature.

Today, we’re highlighting the accessory trends (from hats to shoes) that we’re going all in on this spring. We’re also sharing the items that might not get as much play for us personally.

Okay, keep scrolling for a bit of visual and shopping inspo showcasing the trends we’re eager to try. But remember, if you’re in love with something that we’re not as into right now, by all means, continue to wear it. This is just our take.

“I’m kind of done with belt bags. I never really warmed up to the trend and found it to be too experimental for my taste, which kind of says a lot because I try my hand at so many ‘weird’ styles. Instead, I’m focusing on shoulder bags that have a sculptural shape to them since they’re ultimately so functional and easy to wear yet have a shape that stands out.” — Anna LaPlaca, assistant editor

“I have a feeling we’ve reached peak bucket hat. Instead of those (which tend to look a little silly on me anyway, so it’s fine), I’m stocking up on baseball caps. They’re super cheap, and I’ve never seen anyone not look good in one. The fact that they’re actually a trend this spring is a beautiful thing.” — Allyson Payer, senior fashion editor

“Chunky sneakers are being replaced by throwback retro styles with a nod to the ’80s and ’90s, and I’m very here for it. This season, I’ll be pairing them with suiting.” — Kristen Nichols, managing editor

“I’ve officially worn my cat-eye sunglasses to death! This spring, I’m all about large, ’70s-inspired frames instead—a huge trend we saw on the S/S 20 runways.” — Judith Jones, market editor

“While raffia is proving to be a major S/S 20 handbag trend, I think the days of the super-simple straw bag are over. Instead, I’m loving the way designers have elevated their new styles through details such as leather accents, structured shapes, and more.” — Nicole Akhtarzad Eshaghpour, senior market editor

“White sunglasses are a trend that I’m ready to put on hold for now. If I want something that pops against the face, a cream feels a little fresher than optic white. Though the sunglasses trend I’m most excited for is brown frames. I feel like they’re the new go-to neutral over black.” — Kat Collings, editor in chief

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