5 Timeless Accessories You Shouldn’t Purge From Your Closet

When it comes to wardrobe staples, there are a few key pieces that probably come to mind—skinny jeans and solid-colored pumps, to name a couple. In fact, we recently covered why these fashion and shoe styles are certified must-haves. Well, next up, we wanted to focus on accessories, specifically.

In reality, you probably have a hefty array of accessories in your closet. After all, the addition of unique extras is what truly makes an outfit feel more personal. And while you should obviously stock your wardrobe with as many add-ons as you’d prefer, there are a couple of key accessories you should never purge when you’re cleaning out your closet—and alternatively could consider investing in if you don’t have them yet due to their timeless nature.

To dive into this a bit further, we’re showcasing the five accessories (not including shoes) that have longevity with a bit of visual and shopping inspiration below. From a wear-everywhere necklace to a sleek bag, keep scrolling for the extras you should never ditch.

You simply can’t deny the power of a gold necklace. A classic chain silhouette (similar to this) not only has staying power but can basically elevate anything you’re wearing, whether that’s a unique knit or a basic white T-shirt.  

When it comes to handbags, you just can’t go wrong with a black bag, particularly one that has a top handle, shoulder strap, or both. That go-to style teams flawlessly with any ensemble and absolutely has longevity over some of the trendier picks out there.

It’s certainly amusing to have an array of sunglasses in your arsenal to switch up your look, but if you’re going to keep one silhouette front and center, make it a classic pair in either a rounded or square shape. While there are many fresh iterations that come out each season, it’s this style that will truly hold strong. 

A standard black belt (not too skinny and not too wide) is not only practical (for instance, if you need it for your trousers) but also a great styling piece to add over a blazer or coat for extra dimension. Invest in a timeless pick, and you’ll use it weekly.

If you have a favorite printed silk scarf, hold onto it. Incorporating a beautiful scarf into your look—whether wearing it around your neck, tying it in your hair, or adding it to your bag—is the perfect finishing touch to take any ensemble to the next level.

Next, check out some of the prettiest jewelry trends of the season.

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