5 Dress Trends You Won’t Regret in 10 Years

You’ve probably noticed that Who What Wear editors have written quite a few stories about the pieces that get us the most compliments. These days, the only people seeing my outfits are my parents and my dogs, so I’ll spare you their biased takes on my summer looks. However, I’ll still tell you that I’ve lived in easygoing dresses for months now. Although I’ve been on a strict budget during the quarantine, I am willing to spend money on classic dresses. 

If you’re ready to make the investment too, you’ve come to the right place. I came up with a handful of my favorite dress trends that will definitely stand the test of time. Classic, timeless, perennially chic, ageless—whatever you want to call it, I guarantee you won’t cringe at these classic summer dressers 10 years from now. 

A little touch of ’90s style never hurt anyone. 

I adore the unique shape of this pastel yellow dress. 

Who could resist this pretty pink number? 

This $59 dress looks more expensive than it is thanks to the beautiful print. 

H&M never fails to design wallet-friendly versions of all the top trends. 

I’m always here for puffed sleeves. 

This cheery print is such a mood-booster. 

The yellow trend strikes again. 

This blue-and-yellow print is so sweet. 

It’s time to give orange a try. 

A classic LBD with a twist. 

This dress also comes in timeless black. 

This is begging to be worn to the beach. 

I love the button and tie-waist details. 

The details on this sweet dress are not to be overlooked. 

Go monochrome and pair this dress with white sandals. 

Gotta love a Madewell sale. 

This pineapple print is so fun. 

Comfortable enough to sleep in. 

You can literally wear this with any type of shoe. 

A red dress will always turn heads—guaranteed. 

Visor optional but encouraged. 

Such a pretty turquoise color. 

I’d wear this with white Converse sneakers or strappy flat sandals. 

This lovely floral print is so joyful. 

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