5 Designer Accessories That Hold Their Value Year Over Year

Investing in designer accessories may not be top of mind for many given the current situation, but as a fashion site, we wanted to provide you with inspiration and luxury shopping information in case it is in fact helpful at some point.

For many right now, there’s been a shift towards more thoughtful shopping with a focus on sustainability, versatility, and longevity. So the idea of investing in one key wardrobe staple rather than a ton of random buys can be appealing. If uncovering one of these items—like a pre-owned accessory that has a strong cost per wear—is intriguing at all, we’re here to share a few solid options.

To pinpoint examples of designer accessories that will most likely hold their value year over year (especially in terms of resale value), we pulled in luxury resale brand Rebag to help with the research. In fact, the brand just expanded into the watch and fine jewelry category, so we wanted to get further insight into the bags and jewelry that could be worth it from an investment point of view in that customers would be willing to pay a premium to own said pieces—even at the resale level.

Whether you are in fact in the market for a luxury item or simply want a bit of visual inspiration, below you’ll find a few examples of the specific accessories that could be of interest, complete with feedback from Rebag’s CEO, Charles Gorra. Keep scrolling for more, and shop inspired silhouettes throughout as well.

“Unsurprisingly, at the top of the list of bags that best retain their value is the Chanel Classic Double Flap Bag, which resells for around 70–90% of its original retail price depending on its size, material, and hardware combination. Its resale value recently picked up in Q1 of this year when Chanel increased their handbag retail prices across both US and European markets. As retail prices and demand both increase, then resale value is bound to follow.” — Gorra

“Another handbag to keep an eye on is the Hermès Evelyne, particularly in its smallest size. Generally speaking, the Evelyne style has surged in popularity over recent years, but the Long Strap Evelyne in TPM has been one of Rebag’s most in-demand styles over the past few months, mainly thanks to the mini crossbody trend that has swept the handbag industry.”—Gorra

“The Louis Vuitton OnTheGo tote is another model that has attracted customers who are ready to pay a premium. It is exclusive and hard to find in stores, making it a prime style to shop at resale, and its large, accommodating size is appealing to many luxury shoppers.”

“In the world of luxury timepieces, Rolex is a strong brand to invest in, particularly the Daytona and Submariner models which have both increased in resale value over time. These watches are harder to source, so shoppers are willing to pay a higher price to acquire them for their collections.”

“In regards to fine jewelry, a popular collection with strong value retention includes Van Cleef & Arpels’s Alhambra Collection. It’s iconic to the brand, and customers are ready to pay a premium for the brand and its recognizable styles.”

A classic.

Just in case you want an alt to a bulky wallet.

Everyday earrings.

This bag will go with everything.

Wear on its own or with a stack of other bracelets.

So fun and playful.


The investment tote that’s seriously trending.

Another solid card holder.

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