30 Swimsuits That Weirdly Look Even Better as Summer Tops

Have you ever secretly wanted to wear your swimsuit as a top IRL, not just to the beach or pool? Same, which is why I’m writing this story. It wasn’t too long ago now that our editor in chief, Kat Collings, flaunted a swim top as a “real” top underneath a blazer during fashion week, and to be honest, I never fully recovered. The styling was spot-on, it looked cool and fresh, and it was an easy way to give something that once had only one function, multiple.

Now, not every swimsuit or bikini top will transition as easily into your ready-to-wear wardrobe as others, so today, I’m here to break down the best swim top styles to wear as summer tops. Triangle bikinis and anything with a prominent barely there effect might feel a bit off among your regular clothes, but the six swim top styles ahead will look right at home with your jeans, blazers, and skirts—we promise.

The structure of a bustier-style swimsuit gives it a more ready-to-wear feel versus, let’s say, a triangle bikini. Layer this underneath a blazer if your bra feels a bit too skimpy or with super-high-rise trousers for a fresh summer outfit. 

Thanks to the sleeves, people really will think these are tops until you tell them otherwise, which in turn will give you fashion street cred for being more innovative than most.

Simple, bandeau-style swim tops remind us of a sleek sports bra moment. Wear them with jean shorts, high-rise slip skirts, and even with loose-fitting jeans for a fun ’90s vibe. 

Wearing your cooler, more statement-making one-pieces as bodysuits is something you might have thought about doing but haven’t had the courage to try yet. Well, try it. You’ll be glad you did. 

Tankinis are finally back as a fun new swim trend this year, and they are the best style to test out as a top double. I mean, they basically look like a crop top, after all. 

One-shoulder tops are currently trending in the ready-to-wear world, so we don’t see why you can’t wear one-shoulder swim tops as a going-out top 2.0… or something like that. 

Up next, shop the five swim trends fashion editors are rooting for this season. 

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