25 Pairs of Cozy Slippers That Are Looking Really Appealing Right About Now

I’m not going to lie—under normal circumstances, slippers would usually be among the last things I would want to spend my money on, at least when it comes to fashion. Ahead of them would be items such as going-out shoes, jeans, tanks, party dresses, jewelry, and so much more. After all, why spend on something that’s literally not going outside your home?

Well, it never ceases to surprise me how things can change in a short amount of time. In light of recent events, I’ve been lucky enough to spend the majority of my weekdays working from home, and about 99% of my time just home, in general. This means that, for me, home clothes are the new going-out clothes, and on my list of priorities, comfort is number one. In other words, spending on slippers isn’t such a silly idea now, and my current wish list proves it. Of course, I didn’t just shop for myself. To see all the amazing slipper options I found in my recent search, just keep scrolling.

These are all over my feed and might just have to make their way into my closet, too.

These will go great with all the black leggings and sweatshirts I’ve been wearing.

For people who are good at keeping things clean.

A welcome pop of color.

Zara Home is where it’s at.

Another style that’s in my cart.

You can’t argue with nearly 3500 Amazon reviews.

Just for fun!

I want to put these on right now.

You’re either a tiger-print slipper person or you’re not.

This shape gives me hotel vibes and I love it.

Like a hug for your feet.

I think I’m going to start calling all my slippers “room shoes.”

A fashion-girl favorite.

If you want a safe bet with great reviews, this is it.

Of course, Vince would make chic, minimalist slippers.

A classic.

No brand does cozy better.

Bonus: They’re from Target.

For the fancy WFH girl.


Can’t go wrong.

Another style with excellent reviews.

Close enough!

Like a sweater for your feet.

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