24 Romantic Wedding Nail Colors for the Big Day

Here comes the bride, all dressed in white—or is it ivory? A full-length cathedral veil or a sharp two-piece suit? Modern brides are rewriting the rules on what to wear for the big day, and we’re all for it. That said, whether you tend to be more of a classic, conventional bride or are looking for something avant garde, there’s an easy canvas on which to display an extra peep of personality: your nails. 

In order to get the download on the latest trends in wedding nail colors, we spoke with industry experts Sarah Gibson Tuttle, CEO, and founder of L.A.-based Olive & June; Lauren Dunne, co-founder, and CEO of DC-based Varnish Lane; and celebrity crystal manicurist and founder of Mazz Hanna Beauty, Mazz Hanna. Working with brides year-round, both Tuttle and Dunne have first-hand insight into what wedding nail colors are being worn from coast to coast, plus Hanna is setting trends on the celebrity front. All agree that while many brides stick to tried-and-true classics like Essie’s Ballet Slippers, it’s fun when others use their wedding manicure as a way to show off their personality or the requisite “something blue” with nail art or in shades like Olive & June’s CNH for a special pedicure.  

Keep scrolling for 24 of the most-requested wedding nail colors according to our three pros and get inspired for the big day. No matter what kind of bridal style you choose, the important thing is to be true to yourself. So go ahead, add a little extra sparkle if that suits your fancy.

If you’re in pursuit of the perfect neutral nail color for your big day, both Tuttle and Dunne recommend sticking to the tried-and-true classics below.

According to the team at Olive & June, West Coast brides are loving warm and cool neutrals. Tuttle describes the above shade, named after Mandy Moore, as a “toasted” neutral. 

On the cooler side of the spectrum, Tuttle loves CDJ, a creamy neutral that looks gorgeous on any skin tone. 

Another popular shades for brides-to-be at Olive & June salons.

“My absolute favorite nail color of all time is Sheer Nude by ORLY,” says Hanna. “It’s a 9-free gel color that looks absolutely stunning on every skin tone, nail length, and shape.”

If you are looking for more coverage while still keeping it neutral, Hanna recommends this universally flattering Essie shade.

“This shade of pink was created by Deborah Lippmann with Sarah Jessica Parker to be the perfect sheer pink, but with enough courage to make it noticeable,” explains Dunne. Try two or three coats depending on how opaque you want the color to be. 

In addition to Sarah Smile, this classic blush pink is also hugely popular among Varnish Lane’s brides. Dunne says Baby Love has slightly less coverage, making it perfect for the bride who is looking for a more subtle, nearly nude natural nail. 

The most classic bridal shades tend to be slightly sheer—if you’ve ever picked up a single bridal magazine, you know you can’t go wrong with Essie’s Ballet Slippers. 

Essie’s Mademoiselle is a classic sheer-neutral beloved by brides everywhere. 

You can’t go wrong with a perfect pale pink. 

Tuttle encourages brides to consider the full look when choosing a complimentary nail color for the big day. If your dress is white, you really can’t go wrong with a sleek bright white manicure to match. 

Apply a glossy top coat for a high-shine finish and to help keep your white manicure pristine through wedding day festivities. 

A sleek French manicure is also a great option for classic brides—just don’t skip the top coat!

As the bride, the rules are yours to break! While Tuttle is a fan of the bridal blue pedicure, it’s also fun to experiment with “something blue” as part of a nail art design, or in a very light shade so as not to clash with the rest of the wedding look. 

Tuttle calls this shade “the blue jeans of nail polishes,” and loves it for an unexpected bridal pedicure. 

This icy blue is the pastel wedding nail color we dream about. 

A very subtle something blue. 

This blue-gray hue is perfect for brides whose weddings have a cool color palette. 

According to Tuttle, West Coast brides are definitely embracing subtle nail art for the big day. “Subtle nail art is a safe way to express your personal style,” she explains and recommends a skinny metallic French for a classic look with a twist. 

Use metallic nail polish to accent any type of wedding day nail art. 

These tiny flower nail art stickers also a fun way to connect the color palette of the décor to your wedding day wardrobe. 

Ziv by Zoya is one of Hanna’s all-time favorite metallics. “It’s super shiny and lustrous and would be a great option to bring out any gold details in your dress,” she explains. 

One of the great things about weddings, aside from witnessing two people falling in love, of course, is that they can happen any day of the year. While none of our experts report seeing a lot of seasonal trends when it comes to bridal manicures, they are happy to offer advice to clients who want to think outside the box. 

For fall brides leaning into the season, Dunne recommends maroon reds. The shade above has a hint of raspberry, which she explains won’t read as “holiday red” but is also not too dark and photographs very well. 

Tuttle recommends considering the color palette and setting of the wedding for brides who want something other than a neutral manicure. We love this peach-y beach-y shade for summer brides. 

Dunne’s favorite non-traditional bridal nail color is this subtle lilac with a hint of blue-gray, a fun shade for spring brides. 

This shade is a cross between a neutral and a metallic, which, in our opinion, is totally brilliant. 

The ideal manicure (and pedicure) color for a summer beach bride. 

Similarly, this rich red would be the perfect pop of color for a bride whose wedding theme is winter white. 

All of our nail pros agree, there’s nothing wrong with going bare on your big day. Just be sure to give your nails (and cuticles) a healthy buff, oil, and shine. 

For an easy, clean look that you can DIY, be sure to file, buff, smooth, and shine. 

Healthy cuticles are a key component to any manicure—especially if your hands are going to be photographed. 

And always protect and finish nails with a base and top coat. 

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