14 New Sandals That Will Sell Out Before March

Picture it: In several weeks’ time, you’ll finally be able to put away your winter boots, coats, and scarves. Won’t that feel liberating? When spring arrives, everyone will be switching out their winter wares out for sandals, swimsuits, and dresses, and it never hurts to get a bit of a jump start on the action—especially when all the good styles will certainly start selling out.

Retailers are beginning to stock up on loads of beautiful spring pieces that are a welcome change from the millions of sweaters that have been for sale in the past couple of months. From $60 Mango shoes to statement designer versions, we rounded up our favorite sandals that are sure to be insanely popular. One of the highlights includes sandal versions of everyone’s favorite Dr. Martens boots—yes, really. Scroll down to shop 14 sandals that will sell out before March. 

Mules will always be in style, but this season brands are putting fun spins on the shape with via prints and square-toe shapes. 

Yes, strappy sandals live on. They go with everything and come in a variety of price points, so they’re pretty much a failsafe choice. 

Whether you’re willing to be adventurous with chunky styles or prefer to try subtler takes on the trend, flatforms are a major spring 2020 trend to pay attention to. 

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