13 Pairs of Leggings (and Bike Shorts) I Constantly Get Compliments On

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February 14, 2020
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February 14, 2020

I’m always a bit surprised when people compliment my leggings (and now bike shorts too since they’re such a thing). They’re always kind of an afterthought for me and usually chosen at 6 a.m. in the dark while running late for a workout class, but I digress. I’m not really sure why I’m surprised about the compliments, as I scope out other people’s leggings too. Truth be told, I often wear somewhat boring black leggings, but whenever I wear a pair that’s a pretty color or has an interesting feature, people notice, and many even ask where I got them. 

I think we can all agree that receiving compliments is lovely, and it validates that something you chose to buy and wear is really great, especially when it comes to something somewhat polarizing like leggings. I own quite a few pairs of leggings and bike shorts, but the 13 below get me the most compliments by far. Keep scrolling to shop those, along with eight other pairs that I don’t own but I’m 100% confident are compliment bait. 

These are so good. Just be sure to wear with a cropped top to get the full effect. The ruffled waist is such a fun way to add a little punch to black leggings.

I honestly think a Lululemon logo gets people’s attention, and the color of these is too pretty for words.

I often get compliments in general when I wear Outdoor Voices. I think people are intrigued by the cool space-dyed look and interesting colors and that they don’t usually have any logos.

These are insanely comfortable, and it’s an added bonus that people are obsessed with them.

I own these leggings in burgundy and always get questions about them. They’re so soft that they feel like you’re wearing nothing, and I think people can just sense that or something, so they want to own them too.

Alo’s Goddess Leggings are already pretty recognizable, so the different fabric that this pair is made of is definitely a conversation starter.

These were sort of a departure for me, but I love that about them. They make me feel tough, which is good for a workout.

This is another pair that I think people can just tell are really soft and comfortable. Plus, they’re neutral but more interesting than black.

Another pair of non-boring black leggings that people praise.

Bike shorts are still enough of a novelty for people to notice them. This is the pair that I reach for the most.

Everyone loves a cool waistband. This pair is especially chic.

People love these even more when I tell them they’re from Amazon.

These pretty leggings have basically flown out of stock (perhaps because J.Lo wore them in black).

These are a great option if you want to try a print but still want to play it safe.

I love a good stirrup.

Camel leggings are ridiculously chic.

Subtle but eye-catching.

The legging version of these is a huge hit, and I have a hunch that these will be too.

Nike’s leggings just keep getting better.

When you want to play it safe but also have fun.

I found you the perfect spring leggings.

This story was originally published at an earlier date and has been updated.

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